An international arrest warrant has been issued against former President Blaise Compaore in exile in Ivory Coast as part of the ongoing judicial investigation into the assassination of the late president Thomas Sankara murdered in 1987, a- it was learned Monday from media source. According to the director of military justice reached by telephone by the colleague, the international police Interpol and the Ivorian authorities have already seized on this. The same source states that until – then, the Ivorian authorities have not yet given a response to the request of the Burkinabe military justice. Since his fall, following the popular uprising in late October 2014, the former President of Burkina Faso went into exile in Ivory Coast.Also as part of the same Thomas Sankara case, we learned from the lawyer, Bénéwendé Stanislas Sankara, Gabriel Tamimi, former adviser to President Blaise Compaoré, was charged. Captain Thomas Sankara, father of the Revolution and President of Burkina Faso (1983-1987) was murdered October 15, 1987 during the coup that led Blaise Compaore to power. The remains of his body and those of his twelve companions in misfortune were exhumed in late May for expertise. While ballistic analyzes have identified traces of balls on the remains, the DNA test on the same remains of supposed body of Captain Thomas Sankara and his companions in misfortune did not work. The results of the DNA test was given on Monday in the presence of lawyers Sankara family.