Michel Platini suspended Monday 8 years of any football-related activity like his former mentor Joseph Blatter favorite for the presidency of FIFA, it could be ousted from the race “for kicks worship” for the press, which is divided between “pro” and “anti”.

“Be that? It does, ALTHOUGH? He says,? S picture hitherto immaculate? S former football genius is definitely tarnished,” said Pascal Coquis (Latest News from Alsace) by evoking his defeat “to shots feet to worship. ”

“C? Is a social form of death reported in the foot”, Libération analysis. “In other words, Michel Platini can not even have the pads before a workout? S AS Nancy-Lorraine,” says Libération.

In La Charente Libre, Jean-Louis Hervois dares comparison “Platini Tapie: the innocent hands full,” he wrote. “The only question that should be asked is this: how to claim the presidency of the largest sports federation in the world when it also is slightly behind the scenes?”, He asks.

“A majority of French still believes in but Platini in his bid for the presidency of FIFA,” summarizes Richard Gougis in Le Midi Libre.

– Lowest blow that Franc –

Dusart Alain de L’Est Républicain notes that “the coup is lower than frank. It even borders on the ridiculous. C? Is, indeed, a” commission? Ethics “Blatter created by one who has transformed the casino Fifa Las Vegas, which grapeshot Platini no legal credibility. ”

“C? Is a victory of justice horn!” Protested Hervé Chabaud (L’Union / L’Ardennais)

In Le Républicain Lorrain, Christian Jougleux quips “from that? He formalized his candidacy for the highest office, revisits the Lorraine Verdun” and adding “it ahead of a minefield and battle for an image dragged through the mud.”

? For its part, Rémy Bruder L Alsace asks: “Would it be the latest victim of an ambush orchestrated by his best enemy, the Swiss Sepp Blatter caught offside position in? performance of his duties as President? s global forum ?? ”

“Eight years of sideline for the French, who can believe? L? Former striker? S displays beating. He’ll play defense, point to point, step by step,” anticipates Denis Daumin (New Republic of Midwest).

Christophe Bonnefoy of the Journal de la Haute-Marne is one of many supporters of the triple Ballon d’Or, “farce, farce or without rhyme, travesty of justice. The punishment came knocking yesterday that Michel Platini any settlement of accounts fomented select committee. ”

Aujourd’hui en France / Le Parisien sees “Platini suspended … remedies”.

Baptiste Desprez Figaro think that “if, in an ideal scenario, Platini was able to validate his candidacy, not certain his aura and his profile, more than ever tainted by recent cases may arouse? Accession by other leaders world football. ”

In La Croix, Florence Couret guess “the message is ?: the time of impunity is over” but feels “a vague discomfort from reading the decision?” and before the sudden “awakening” of the Ethics Commission.