In this period of late years, the Internet is more like a shopping tool of communication or information. The e-commerce today is very ingrained in our daily habits … he just has to see the excitement around the Black Friday. But what looked like the first e-commerce transactions?

Shopify, a specialist in e-commerce, has recently released a video depicting the history of its core business. It all began in 1971 on the ARPAnet. Stanford students and MIT wanted to buy grass. It was not, however, an e-commerce transaction in its own right, there was no online money exchange, interested merely give appointment.

In 1984, Jane Snowball, a British grandmother of 74, used the Videotex – the technology used by our Minitel – for shopping at the store suddenly: margarine, eggs, cereals. Again, this was not really an e-commerce transaction, the lady was paying at the store, with hard cash.

We are now in 1994, when Pizza Hut launched the online sale of pizzas. This is however not to this teaches that we owe the very first e-commerce transaction. Dan Kohn then 21 years. He runs a website based in New Hampshire, NetMarket. On 11 August 1994, the young entrepeneur sold a Sting CD Ten Summoner’s Tales, a friend, who had to use the first secure online order – PGP -.Transaction amount: $ 12.48, excluding shipping.

Subsequently, you know. E-commerce has never worn as well. You’re probably also in this very moment on the lookout for good deals for your Christmas gifts.