League Cup: Bordeaux gets rid of Monaco


Bordeaux, introduced by Unas well on fire, made short work of a small team of Monaco (3-0) Wednesday in the home, and easily qualified for the quarterfinals of the League Cup .

Once will not hurt this season, the Bordelais have never trembled in the face of Monegasques out of it, powerless and too often overwhelmed by the determination Gironde.

Current 3rd L1, ASM Leonardo Jardim must curse the trips Gironde: in three games, she conceded ten goals and the addition could have been much more severe without Nardi, alternate Subasic, only really be height in the princely ranks.

No goal conceded, suffered no warning, the evening was perfect for men Willy Sagnol confidently to four days to recover Marseille fence of 2015.

They can now rely on their young, including Adam Unas who a few days after signing his first professional contract, illuminated the debate as he had done several times this season in L1.

To his credit, hit a floating 30 meters out by Nardi at the price of a beautiful flight (14) as input, followed by main course of a small jewel returning post strike from the left after eliminating two Monegasques (1- 0, 16).

– Unas, a darling –

The dessert, a left side rush with small bridge over Wallace into the surface and then a good scoring output by Nardi (31). If New Bordeaux stadium looking for a pet, he found.

This youth wind Gironde, also played by Argentine Vada Valentin (19), a-apparently reinvigorated the group of Willy Sagnol, in tune, which probably delivered his best game in a long time.

Like Rolan, who found striker intercepted a pass Pasalic side to adjust Nardi (57). Only Diabaté, yet served galore (52, 58, 62, 65), could not make its contribution to the financial edifice, falling twice at close range on a flawless Nardi.

Players of the Rock, some executives were left standing, had some opportunities facing young Aquitaine defense with Boschilia (3, 29), especially Cavaleiro, who alone with Carrasso, completely missing his attempt (40) Raggi mounted at the forefront to recovery (46) or that Lamar was right the side netting Carrasso.

To complete this ideal early evening, the captain regained Saivet victoriously to head in a corner of Vada deflected at the near post (88).