Financing of EI Group: a resolution will be presented to the UN, said Sapin


A UN draft resolution to be submitted Thursday to the UN Security Council, is “explicitly” organization Islamic state (EI) and its funding by oil, said Wednesday AFP the Minister French Finance Michel Sapin.

In this interview, Mr Sapin said to rely on the “international pressure” to push states to address this problem, or face sanctions.

The Security Council will address this resolution “a very strong political message, very strong: the fight against terrorist financing is a priority of all UN members and each state will implement the measures necessary “Mr Sapin said in an interview in his office at the Ministry of Finance in Paris.

“At the request of France and in very close relationship (with Paris)” after the events of November 13, the United States, which provide in December the rotating presidency of the Security Council, have set up this meeting, which participating for “the first time” the finance ministers of the 15 member states, he stressed.

The text, based on an earlier resolution on Al-Qaeda, “will be explicitly extended to Daech (and) will specifically aim for the freezing of assets that would be one way or another from oil traffic “revealed Mr Sapin.

“Similarly, you will be required special vigilance States on trafficking in works of art that can power large movements as Daech,” he added.

The French finance minister, who has made the hunt against the financing of terrorism one of its main objectives from previous attacks in January in Paris, is convinced that the 15 members of the Security Council approve the text unanimously .

“I do not see which country could object somehow that one is effective in the fight against the financing of terrorism,” he said.

He said the five permanent members (China, USA, France, Great Britain and Russia), which have a veto, will show “extremely firm in the implementation of necessary standards.”

– International pressure –

For him, “the question will be:” Is that all countries do what they have to fight against the financing of terrorism “”?

The UN resolution is “legal support” for countries to take their provisions. The international community should then verify that each state applies the same measures.

The monitoring mission will return to the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental body composed of 34 countries and territories, based in Paris and responsible for the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.

The FATF “reviews each country,” said Mr Sapin. “Each country will thus be subject to review to see if it has taken all necessary measures to effectively fight against the financing of terrorism,” he detailed.

“And this is where international pressure, the strength of the political message which will be sent to the world will be decisive,” said the Minister. “No country can not stay aside. No country can seem indulgent with the financing of terrorism, otherwise it will be on a list and showed the finger,” he said.

“From that moment, sanctions can be taken against those countries,” warned Mr Sapin.

On the occasion of his visit to New York, the French minister will also meet with Secretary of US Treasury, Jack Lew. On the menu: the exchange of information on terrorist financing.

“We still need to improve, accelerate, deepen the exchange of information, especially from a network that Americans have the ability to analyze, called SWIFT, which summarizes on entire planet movements of funds, bank movements that can benefit this or that person, “said the French minister.

He said “much work has already been done, (but) there is a last big push to give for our two countries and services (have this burden) can work faster and more pertinently “, he said.

SWIFT international banking system represents 80% of total global flow of funds.