Adolescent drug: Parents play a key role

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Adopt an open and respectful attitude as a parent to his children would contribute to expel the latter from the temptation of drugs.This is the result of a US study cited by Dr. Why and whose findings were published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence Journal.

Nearly 674 young people and their relatives followed

The researcher Thomas and Schofield from the University of California colleagues observed the relationship between the parents of Latin origin with their children, “the risk of using drugs and alcohol earlier and abuse it over time [is] greater in these populations. ”

Nearly 674 young people have been monitored during two periods: at the age of 10-11 years and 13-14 years, the age at which typically take place the first experiments of alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

Take the time to build a solid relationship

Conclusion: “The opening in the relationship, communication, respect and understanding” in parental education would be essential to ward off temptations teenagers.

According to the researchers, parents would well and truly in role, devoting more time to the middle and late childhood, to build a strong relationship with their child.