Virginity and marriage, a bride commits suicide


This is not the first time a bride is oppressed, abused when her virginity is questioned. In Morocco in particular, this free pain is common to the point that the party can very quickly turn to tragedy. A drama that has touched a bride in Settat, which in honeymoon back, ended qu’accusée these days because of not being a virgin at marriage.

A taboo that does damage

Hardly celebrated their wedding on October 4, the family of the bride has had their lives shattered by the disappearance of their daughter, because she was accused by her in-laws and her husband not to be a virgin. Indeed the couple, a man living in Italy and his wife traveled to Marrakech for their honeymoon after the celebration. On their return, the husband would have discovered at that time that his wife was not a virgin and has not hesitated to chant.
He and his family then sought annulment of marriage while shouting insults at the young messy bride and reputation. A pressure that the young woman could not bear, who fled with a friend at first, before committing the irreparable: swallowing rat poison. Her friend, who hosted warned the family and the police, who could do nothing more for her. If the father was initially thought to accuse the in-laws, the autopsy confirmed that the death of the girl was caused by the swallowed poison.

Virginity is no sex

A prejudice about virginity is to think that the presence of the hymen means that the woman is a virgin, and contratio that the absence of marriage means it is no longer. Which is wrong. A girl can be a virgin, and be born without a hymen.
Anyway, it is appalling that violence such as these still have their place in a Muslim society. The violence caused by forced marriages and doubts about virginity taboos that are die hard in Morocco, responsible at least serious psychological consequences, with the loss of his honor and dignity, the worst drama. The husband is there meanwhile able to produce proof of his physical preservation until marriage? Where the evil and cynicism to point the finger at the other has lost the right direction at all.
Needless to say, these retrograde practices are in no way consistent with the values ​​of Islam which advocate including the preservation of life, dignity, intimate secret. “Whoever preserves a Muslim, Allah will protect him in this world and in the hereafter