Fight against food wastage: unanimous vote in the Assembly


The National Assembly voted unanimously Wednesday night in a panel of measures against food waste, MPs highlighting a “critical challenge” for the planet, while the stands COP21 climate conference.

The bill, co-signed by the leaders of the Socialist, environmentalist and leftist radicals, and in total more than 300 members of the majority and the opposition, obtained the approval of all left, UDI and deputies Republicans.

With this text, which can “build a legal framework against waste”, “the France will become the most proactive countries in Europe” in this area, welcomed the members to the rapporteur, Guillaume Garot (PS) former Minister for

The Minister of Labour, Myriam El Khomri, replacing her colleague in the Chamber of Ecology Ségolène Royal because of COP21, supported the text, noting that the measures presented would also help fight “against insecurity in which are too many families, “which” are fooled by use-by dates which for some products have been underestimated. ”

Members of all political persuasions have also put forward the “critical challenge” for the planet, and hailed, like Alexis Bachelay (PS) work “rare” co-production to develop this text, Frédéric Lefebvre (Republicans) also welcoming this “unit”.

For environmentalists, Brigitte Allain noted in particular that “food waste if it were a country, would be the third largest polluter.” On behalf of the Left Front, Patrice Carvalho, said that the waste was “a shame”.

“Throw a baguette is let to empty a full bath, take a kilo of beef is 15,000 liters of water wasted,” shouted Jean-Pierre Decool (The Republicans), co-signatory text, adding that waste represents each year in France, “56 meals per household, figures to give us dizzy.”