Celebration of Mawlid Annabawi. Eyes of a believer!


The famous Muslim community in religious fervor Mawlid or physical birth of the Prophet Muhammad, the Seal of the Prophet. (God more students in grade and preserves its community that the messenger fears for her). The character of the Mawlid celebrations license was highlighted by a significant number of prominent Muslim scholars, including Imam Ach -Chafi-iyy, Albayhagqiyy or the scholar Al-Moudhaffar and others from the seventh century AH. It is reported in a hadith with a strong chain of transmission and Saheeh Muslim that the Prophet Muhammad said: “Whoever innovates in Islam a good innovation, it will reward and a reward that resembles one who practiced after him without anything being reduced their rewards. “Besides the Mawlid, is among the best innovations, adding Caliph Uthman by Ibn Affan the second call to prayer on the day of Friday and scoring points the letters of the Qur’an. The first to note points to the letters of the Qur’an is a man among the successors of the Prophet’s companions called Yahya Ibn Ya ^ March The life of the Prophet Muhammad is uplifting, deep and light. It is that of an orphan educated and protected. He was appointed early on As-Sadiq Al-Amin (the being whose word is truth, confidence and behavior). The immensity of Mercy of the prophet is nevertheless foreign to his human nature (V.129, S.9) sensitivity and sympathetic to the concerns of humans. And the Prophet illustrate this exception among its range of Noble Qualities (Makàrimoul Akhlaq) throughout his life (V.4, S.68). To the people of Taif (a suburb close to Makkah) to the heart of hostilities Quraysh against him, he opposed the pardon, Love and Divine Mercy request – Reiterating his only concern to Allah not to turn away from His Source – (Allahumma ilayka achkou da’fa qouwwaty …); To Jewish shepherd who mistreated her children to Medina, he opposed a spontaneous gesture of tenderness and affection which this relented denier; And what of his address during the reconquest (Fath) Makkah – after having been released ten years ago on constrained by his own parents, armed income of all power, of all legitimacy and all the prerogatives, they say – You are free, never fear! The life of the Prophet Muhammad is undoubtedly the story of faith, mysticism and commitment. It is also the story of simplicity, conviction, patience, openness, humanism, tolerance, forgiveness, wisdom and determination. A model to follow. Each stage of life is a lesson in responsibility and love. Aisha, his wife offered us the beautiful formula. His behavior, his morality, his character was the Qur’an, that is to say a light. Close to God, brother of men. This dimension was recalled in Surah Al-Ahzab S.33 – V21 or Allah says: “He certainly there for you in the Messenger of God, a perfect model for those who want God and the Last Day and fervently earnestly remembers God. . “Historical personalities and Western scholars have looked at the Prophet’s life and came to the same conclusion. Edward Gibbon (considered the greatest historian of his time from 1737 to 1794) said that “the greatest victories of Muhammad’s life were acquired by the absolute moral and not by force of his sword.” Michael H.Hart, professor of astronomy, physics and history of science has used the following formula: “My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of most influential people may lend issue for others, but it is the only man in history who was supremely successful at the religious level as secular. Meanwhile, Gandhi (thinker, statesman and Indian nationalist leader 1869-1948) said: “I become more convinced than ever that it was not by the sword that Islam has made ​​its place at the time. It was the profound simplicity, self-effacement of the Prophet pronounced, the scrupulous implementation of the commitments, his intense devotion to his friends and followers, his intrepidity and his courage and his absolute trust in God and his mission. It is because of all this, and not because of the sword, that all obstacles could be overcome. “Added to this many other non-Muslim scholars such as:. Lamartine, George Bernard Shaw who made ​​the same observations Obviously the celebration of Mawlid is seen as a huge favor and blessings (V.48, S .10) from the Prophetic Light and repeat the Righteous Men of God in their own works praise to human excellence demonstrated by the Prophet Muhammad in the transmission of the Divine message as in the conduct of its mission. The transmission prophetic message completes a chain of responsibility that Allah had laid on the human race after the heavens, the earth, mountains and other canonical components of creation took turns down the offer of Allah to carry such responsibility (V. 72, S.33). The prophets have thus succeeded with the same message, the message of Tawheed, but in different missions that hug the spatiotemporal context and socio-cultural reality of their time. In conclusion and before the mission of Prophet Muhammad, some torpedoed the Tawheed (V.7, S.1), others tried to bargain paradise of Allah (V.111, S.2), others have used the divine miracle (S. 21) so do the dark human condition in the inability of the species to assume this responsibility she had yet claimed earlier (V.72, S.33). The Prophet came and savior of the case raise the Challenge the human condition by restoring the contents of the One prophetic message – The Tawheed (the Oneness of Allah) – while adding a backup value (V.13, S.42) of Unit Community in the performance of the legacy of religion. The content of the mission – Tawhid – he added a message of unity without division of the Muslim community. This message such a beam of light embedded in the primary source of Tawhid continue to browse the meanders of creation to humans out of darkness, all kinds of darkness and ship them in the one light, that of the Way of approved Allah (V. 1, S.14). From this point of view, the answer to ignorance is in the humble and methodical search for knowledge, as in the expression simple and measured wisdom and human excellence .