Dear Muslim brother!
Whoever believes in ominous and superstitious, do not come out of two cases:
The first case: he stops what he wanted to continue undertaking because of that he has seen or heard or because a period or place, thinking that this is a cause that prevents success and because he is afraid of corruption of its business and its needs; and this is one of the greatest superstition and belief in greater ominous. And it was reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him and him) said: (Whoever stops doing what he wanted to undertake because of superstition, will be polytheist) narrated by Ahmed.

The second case: he continues what he wants to undertake but it is worried and concerned, he is afraid that this thing about which he is superstitious of the cause of the corruption of its needs; this also is prohibited, and it is a deficiency in the belief in the oneness of Allah and the fact of relying on Allah (Exalted).

O Muslims!
He who feels in his heart something about superstition, must be wary and he must repel it by placing his trust in Allah (Exalted) and relying on Him, according Ibn Mas’ud (may Allah be pleased with him) the Prophet (peace be upon him and him) said: (Superstition is part of polytheism, it comes to us all something of superstition in the heart but Allah did away with confidence in Him) Narrated by Tirmidhi.

And one who feels in his heart something of superstition, shall proceed to Allah (Exalted), and it must invoke Him with what has been reported from the Prophet (peace be upon him and greet ); and from this, what Abu Daawoud reported, from ‘Urwah ibn’ Aamir (may Allah be pleased with him) who said:
– “We mentioned superstition in the assembly of the Messenger of Allah (that Allah prays on him and him), he said: (The best thing is having a good omen, and it does not prevent a Muslim to do what he wanted to undertake, and if one of you sees what he hates, he says: “Oh Lord, You alone will bring good things, and it is only you who despise the bad things, and there is power! no strength except You “). And the word of the prophet (peace be upon him and him):! (Oh Lord, there is nothing good except Your good, and there is no superstition except what You have predestined, and there is no God but You).

Therefore, whoever puts his trust in Allah, hooking his heart to Allah (Exalted) for fear of him and placing his hope in Him, and don’t return to those things, then said the invocations that he was ordered to say, what he wants and pursues undertake this [superstition] will not cause him any harm, by the grace of Allah.

And the one who is not sincere by placing his trust in Allah (exalted be He) and following the devil by believing in ominous and superstition, may be punished by falling into what he hates because he turned away from the obligation of faith in God who holds all things in his hands, He is the one who brings the servant of His will, and it is the one who keeps the damage [evil] by His servant power, His gentleness and His beneficence.

O Muslims!
And the last point on this matter is what was reported in the two collections of authentic hadith, the words of the prophet (peace be upon him and him): (There is no “Adwaa” or superstition, and I like auspiciousness). He was asked:
– “That and is the auspicious?”. He said: (The good word).

The auspicious is what encourages man to finish his work among the good words and good deeds without relying on these things, but relying on their Creator and He who is the source of these things, and that is Allah (Exalted). A scientist said:
– “And the auspicious pleased him (peace be upon him and him) because the belief in the ominous corresponds to have a bad thought Allah (exalted be He), and the right omen [optimism] is having a good thought of Him (exalted be He). And the Muslim should always think well of Allah (exalted be He) in all situations ”


The auspicious – servant of Allah – increases energy and man’s courage in his endeavors and his chest blossomed and his heart rejoices, and narrow the devil puts in his heart disappears. While belief in the ominous fact that the man is hanging on the thing that makes him superstitious, and that means his trust in Allah (exalted be He) is low, and that stops to fulfill that it wanted to undertake because of the bad things he has seen or heard; Tirmidhi narrated from Anass (may Allah be pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace be upon him and him) liked to hear when he went out to do something, “O Although guided O Thou that is! encouraged by the success “.

So fear Allah – O Muslims – and know that what has reached you could not miss you, and what did you miss could not reach you; So put your trust in Allah (Exalted) by submitting to Him.

O Muslims!
I recommend the recommendation of Allah (exalted be He) for His servants day and night, in secret and in public, which is the fear of Allah (may He be exalted), and be diligent in His obedience.

O Muslims!
He who clings to the handle of the belief in the oneness of Allah the most solid and to the rope of Allah and puts his trust in Allah (Exalted) cut the thought of superstition before it sets completely [in the heart], and he will not let the thoughts of superstition is complete; Ik’rimah said:
– “We were sitting in the assembly of Ibn Abbaass (may Allah be pleased with him and his father), a bird passed then shouting and a man said:
-” This is a good. “Ibn Abbaass said to him
-“. Neither good nor bad
“. He hastened to the disapproved that he does not believe that this has an impact for good or evil
and Taawousse (may Allah mercy) went with a friend on a journey, then a raven screamed, the man said:
– “This is a good” Taawousse said.
– “What’s the good in that? Not with me! “.

And remember – Allah’s servants – that time is a creature of Allah (may He be exalted); during this time, occur the actions of the son of Adam, and every time [period] that the believer uses to obedience to Allah (Exalted) is a blessed time for him; and every time that man uses in disobedience of Allah is a misfortune of time for him. And know that the periods that are most blessed are those spent in obedience to Allah (Exalted)